Meta Trader 5

Successful trading starts with convenient and functional trading. MetaTrader 5 is the best choice for the modern trader.

MetaTrader 5 main features

A powerful platform for investing in the financial markets.


MetaTrader 5 enables the creation of trading robots and technical indicators using the dedicated MetaEditor tool, and once developed, these programs seamlessly integrate with the platform for immediate execution.

MetaQuotes Language 5

MQL5, the programming language designed for trading strategies, facilitates the creation of scripts, trading robots, and indicators, overcoming limitations present in its predecessor, MQL4.

Hedging system

With MetaTrader 5 on IQX Trade, you can engage in trading using the hedging mode system, enabling the opening of multiple positions, including exact opposite positions, for a given trading instrument.

Charts & timeframes

Monitor real-time price movements visually across 1-minute to 1-month intervals, and simultaneously view up to 21 timeframes in charts. This feature enables traders to instantly respond to quote changes and efficiently store quote history in a compact form.

Fundamental analysis

Seize market opportunities using fundamental analysis tools on MetaTrader 5, including the integrated Economic Calendar. Stay informed about the latest news events, anticipated market impacts.

Indicators & analytical object tools

Elevate your trading experience by utilizing 38 built-in indicators, 22 analytical tools, and 46 graphical objects available on the trading platform when engaging with financial instruments.

About MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5, the fifth generation of the MetaTrader platforms, surpasses its predecessor with enhanced functionalities and features, swiftly establishing itself as one of the most favored trading platforms among online foreign exchange traders and brokerage services globally.

Multiple Platform Options

Have instant access to your investment portfolio in the palm of your hand. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can rest assured that you have full access to your portfolio and can see your profits no matter where you are in the world with our industry-leading mobile app.

Meta Trader 5 Functionality

The trading platform offers a comprehensive set of tools, including fundamental and technical analysis, trading signals, and algorithmic trading features, enhancing the overall trading experience. Additionally, the platform provides live broadcasts of the latest financial news reports, allowing traders to stay informed about market developments.

Utilizing the trading signals and copy trading functionality within MetaTrader 5, traders can seamlessly follow the signals generated by successful traders. By opting for this feature, traders can automatically replicate the trading strategies and orders of experienced counterparts, thereby integrating them into their own trading accounts.

Automated trading and MQL

MT5 offers a comprehensive environment for automated trading, allowing users to utilize pre-installed tools or develop their own customized solutions using MQL5. This flexibility, combined with features like backtesting and access to a community marketplace, makes MT5 a popular choice for traders interested in automated and algorithmic trading strategies.

Meta Trader 5 Mobile trading

Full-fledged financial market trading can be enjoyed without even a desktop computer. The only thing you need to do is to install the mobile version of MetaTrader 5 for Android on your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile applications support the full set of trading function, provide extensive analytical capabilities through the use of technical indicators and graphical objects, as well as allow you to monitor account status, view your trading history and more.

That’s it! Financial markets are at your finger tips with the MetaTrader 5 mobile platform!

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